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SL8 is like the new bitcoin - and here's why

How often have you thought about what it would be like if in 2010, for example, you bought $ 100 worth of bitcoins? Who would you be now? A multi-millionaire worth a couple of tens of millions of dollars? Right?

Well, this is the case with the SL8 right now, and here's why.

Bitcoin's success has been driven by disruptive blockchain technology. By the very idea of ​​blockchain. From 2008 to today, Bitcoin has risen in price tens of millions of times. However, how many people believed then that the idea of ​​blockchain and cryptocurrency could be realized in real hundreds of billions of dollars? I didn’t believe, you didn’t believe. Therefore, we are now not dollar multimillionaires.

On the idea of ​​blockchain, about a hundred more currencies are now successfully living and becoming more expensive in addition to bitcoin, and about a thousand more - appear and disappear. In real money, this is hundreds of billions of dollars. Real dollars that can be obtained by exchanging crypto. However, now, 12 years later, one idea of ​​blockchain technology is not enough. We need something else that will make it possible to rise in price millions of times and not stop. And SL8 found a solution successfully.

Why it is successful - you will find out literally in a couple of paragraphs.

SL8 combined blockchain technology and the real basic need of a modern person - informational (entertainment, news, educational, social interaction, etc.). Information need today has turned from a hypothetical need into a basic one for the overwhelming number of civilized people. And this is a fact. To this day, this need is satisfied by various social networks - Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and a bunch of others that you have not even heard of, but which are successfully gaining tens and hundreds of millions of active users around the world.

However, why is the SL8 a breakthrough for the future? Because all existing social networks are geared towards outdated principles. FB, Instagram, Tiktok and other products were created as tailored for collecting user data and displaying personalized ads. This is what made the money to maintain the existence and expansion of the social network. FB currently collects more than 3000 (!!) parameters about each user. That is, total surveillance, and, roughly speaking, the sale of your deeply personal information to those who pay. 12 years ago, for humanity, the problem of privacy was incomprehensible and hypothetical. Simply because there was no negative experience of the problems faced by the average user. However, only in the last two years, all of us, users, have become convinced that the privacy and security of personal data are not at all theoretical and far from us issues - but a harsh reality that breaks heads and literally kills. And the value of privacy is driving from theoretical to real.

And then SL8 appears on the scene, which collects less data from you than a trivial purchase in an online store. And this is one of the basic principles of SL8 - there will be no micro-targeting for hundreds and thousands of deeply personal parameters in it at all. That is, as a user, you get the security of your data and at the same time satisfying the basic need - information. However, this is not all.

Your informational need for now in all social networks is satisfied by content producers, and these are mainly influencers, all those who have 1000 or more subscribers, relatively speaking. And without them, any social network does not take off. But they have their own additional basic need - profitable and easy content monetization. And SL8 offers and implements the most advanced and profitable content monetization model, with a minimum of effort - relatively speaking instant payment for a post with cryptocurrency, which is constantly becoming more expensive. And in the case of SL8, this is not a theory, it already works! And this is at the stage when even the interface for creating full-fledged content is only being completed.

That is, SL8 already earns 20% of the profit, and this is when only a little more than 12 thousand accounts are registered in the system, and the user's post consists only of text and a photo or a gif. When there is not even a version for desktop computers, but only SL8 mobile applications for Android and Apple. When the opportunity to post video, audio, etc. - everything that the usual social networks give us, will just be introduced. But SL8 is ALREADY profitable. And not from the infusion of investors, when, in fact, the social network has been unprofitable for years, and money is poured in only under the promises of the founders of profitability someday, if there are a dozen “ifs”.

Not only that, the founders of SL8 are now being sorted out by investors, and not vice versa. They are in no hurry to see anyone, because everything is ALREADY good. And this, I can tell you, is one of the main indicators that a serious fight of giant investors will soon begin for such a product. This will directly affect us, those who are registered, because SL8 tokens will begin to rise in price at a tremendous rate.

That is, already now, in the second month of the release of the next batch of SL8 tokens, we can buy at the same price and immediately sell to real buyers 2-3 times more expensive on the cryptocurrency exchange - this means that the product works, the idea works - and after a few years, this crypt will be worth the same as bitcoin now.

I tried to briefly describe why this project is promising, like Bitcoin 12 years ago. In future posts, I will describe my own experience of interacting with the SL8 crypt, and now a couple of my thoughts on what to do with this information for ordinary users and for those who have subscribers.

If you just want to read or watch interesting, important or necessary, subscribe to the content that you like. Plus, to buy the future bitcoin cheaply, everything is simple - register using this invite a1yN7z or the link https://sl8.online/invite/a1yN7z, activate the wallet for $ 1, and just buy now the crypt, for any amount that you do not mind. For 10 dollars, 50, 100 or 500 - decide for yourself. And just watch how it gets more expensive.

For those who have subscribers, or those who are ready to strain a little, but get more benefits - register, repost your content from FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc. in SL8 and just campaign by collecting referrals. The referral system is multilevel, profitable and mega-promising. Actually, that's all.

Everything is extremely simple. Moreover, even if you do not activate the wallet right now, but simply register and invite people to SL8 using YOUR invite, you will ALREADY accumulate internal currency.

And in a day or two or a week, having spent a little time looking for answers (you can just wait for my posts with an explanation), you can activate the wallet and get access to great opportunities to make money, which are becoming more expensive and will become more expensive. Already proven by practice - and this is the main secret of the SL8.

Useful links:

Re-establishment for invite a1yN7z

For requests https://sl8.online/invite/a1yN7z

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