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Roman Revedzhuk / Роман Реведжук

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Who do Ukrainians want to see as president?

February 25, 2024


📌85.3% of Ukrainians don’t trust Petro Poroshenko. 5.4% of respondents trust this politician. Also, 70.9% of Ukrainians called Petro Poroshenko's activities harmful to Ukraine. Another 41.2% of respondents believe that his moral qualities are the worst suited for modern Ukraine, and only 5.4% of respondents have the opposite opinion.


📌 14.7% of Ukrainians recognize Roman Revedzhuk by his last name, 37.9% - recognize him by his photo, and 5.6% of the interviewed Ukrainians declared their trust in this politician, 23.5% - don’t know who he is at all. While 0.2% of respondents believe that Roman Revedzhuk is anti-Semitic, 1.2% - assume that he may be a political project of special services, and 0.9% - consider him too radical.


📌The current president's trust rating has changed, especially in connection with corruption scandals - 26.4% of respondents tend to trust him, and 12.3% - trust him completely. While 58% of the polled Ukrainians consider Volodymyr Zelensky to be their biggest disappointment, 5.6% of respondents believe that the current head of state should be impeached and he should be charged with treason.


📌 Valerii Zaluzhnyi has a fairly high trust rating of 35.1%, but at the same time, in connection with a failed counterattack, his anti-rating is 43.3%. Also, 12.9% of those surveyed absolutely trust Zaluzhnyi, and 5.5% - consider him a political project of the oligarchs and a not-very-effective military leader. Another 2.3% of respondents consider Zaluzhnyi a war criminal.


📌86.3% of respondents consider Yulia Tymoshenko a political pensioner, and 2.1% - completely trust the politician. While 39.1% of respondents consider Yulia Tymoshenko a populist and 7.8% of respondents would like to see her in prison, while 1.2% of respondents consider her a leader of peace.


📌Kyrylo Budanov between the two shores, his trust rating is 16.7% and at the same time, the distrust rating is 16.6%. More than 44% - consider Budanov's activities harmful, and 23.6% - consider him loyal to the president.

At the same time, 11.9% of respondents consider Budanov to be playing someone else's role, and more than 3% of respondents say that he is in his place.


📌Serhiy Prytula has a mixed reputation.

Thus, his trust rating is 8.3%, and the anti-rating reaches 60%. At the same time, 3.4% of respondents completely trust Prytula, 2.7% - consider him a swindler, and another 16% - consider him a political project of the oligarchs. 34.5% of the respondents agreed on the rating of dishonesty.


ℹ️Other surnames were also heard among the interviewees: Razumkov, Sternenko, Arestovych, Stefanchuk, Filatov, Goncharenko, Yermak, Klitschko, even Tyshchenko and Boyko from the pro-russian political party.


☝🏻The research was conducted by partner groups of sociologists.

Method: a survey of citizens of Ukraine aged 18 and over.

Sample: 2,500 (representative by age, gender, and region of Ukraine, including among the Ukrainian diaspora of EU countries).

Data collection period: January 2024. The theoretical error of the study does not exceed 2.3%.


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